XF 1.5 User Not Found (Lifting ban)


Hi guys

we finally discontinued with amember and run the forum solo.

We noticed now that we have around 400 users who are unregistered/unconfirmed primary group and have a ban. I can change their primary group to registered and edit the profile, but when I try to unbann them i get a error message: The requested user could not be found.

I assume we need to do a query in the table to lift all bans, because amember probably ****ed up something?

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Amember does things in a non standard way, which causes numerous issues.

It's impossible to know what amember has done to the user records, how it implements bans, user groups, permissions, etc. so you should contact them for assistance in resolving it.

They should be able to give you precise steps and actions to take to restore the database to the correct state.
Hi @Brogan

I will ask them. The thing is , their offline till monday, and we want to get the forum working. I just want to lift the ban status from those users.

I read on some thread about similar issue to do this:

"I'd guess you could set user.is_banned to 0 for all users if you wanted to lift the bans (assuming the xf_user_ban table is empty)." SO check if xf_user_ban table is emtpy and emtpy that and do the thing above"

Would you recommend doing something like this?

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