Requested User Not Found


I just set up xenforo on my local server using wamp. I created a registered user, signed in, created a new thread, logged out, tried to log back in and the system is saying requested user not found.

I'm in the members list on the front end and also in the user list in admin control panel.

I entered a new password and saved the user and it's still showing user not found.

Any suggestions? I'm wondering if this is just something that happens on local servers?


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It makes no difference whether it's on localhost or not.

Are you absolutely sure you're using the correct user name to sign in with?

Yep definitely the right username and password. I typed it in a few times. Retyped the password. Changed the password from admin.

I had the same problem when I installed xenforo for the first time yesterday using my name as the admin. I could see my info in phpmyadmin. But the system didn't recognize it.

I'm going to assume I have something screwed up on my computer because it makes no sense that xenforo doesn't like my name!


Jake Bunce

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Are you manually creating user records in the database? Or are you using an external script to create users?

User profiles span multiple tables. If any of those joined records are missing then it can manifest like this.