XF 2.2 "The requested page could not be found" in production, not in localhost


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In my add-on I implemented a link which calls an action then opens view page.

The problem I'm facing is "The requested page could not be found" (404 not found), but only in production. In development mode it works perfectly the same code.

I've checked the production environment and the route and template exists, permission are ok, only one link is not working in production (all the other work), I see no reason for that behavior, it's weird. There's no log errors, don't even enter into the action.

Does anyone can guess what could be the reason of that message?

<a href="{{ link('user-list', {}, {'profileId': $profile.profile_id, 'profileName': $profile.username}) }}" data-xf-click="overlay" id="user-list">{{ phrase('user_list') }}</a>
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I did another test with admin user and now I could see the page, so probably it's some very specific permission, I'm still checking.
The strangest thing is that it is a customized table and has no direct relationship with other resources on the forum.
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