XF 1.5 User import via PHPMyAdmin with CSV file


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I finally managed to import users (testing) into the "xf_user" table via PHPMyAdmin import. I copied the entries from another user and adjusted them (new eMail, new user_id etc). It worked. So far, so good.

When in the frontend, the user is only displayed as "guest" instead of having the user group ids reflected as setup in the database.

In the backend, I can not edit the user because if I click on the user from the user list, it jumps to the "create user" page and if I want to save changes, it follows an "user already exists" error... obviously.

What am I missing? Are there other tables in the database that have influence on the board recognizing a new user? Or is there a cron job that needs to be done first?

Please advise.
You can't import/create users like that as there are multiple tables involved per user.

It would require a custom script, which would correctly populate all of the relevant tables.
Thanks for the fast answer. When a plan sounds to good to be true, it is too good to be true... :unsure:
I need to import about 300 members. Unfortunately my knowledge is limited in regard of PHP and MySQL.
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