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Hello all,

we're about to move our vB 4.2 to XF2 once it is released. Right now we're running test-import into XF 1.5 and the importer found ~200 users in conflict. Further investigation showed that we have different account names with the "same" email address. Our forum is set to allow one registration per email but the problem is that "email" column has "utf8_bin" collation (wtf?) so it is case sensitive. This caused the conflict situation as we have several accounts using same email but with different size of letters.


Importer offers a merge but there is no clear description based on which rule the merge will happen. I mean ... we have two different users but the importer shows only one as a result of the merge - which one is it? The one with more recent last-activity? The one with more posts?

Our desired behavior would be to merge the users based on the lastactivity. Username with more recent timestamp will be the result of the merge.

Could someone please explain how this actually works?

Thank you in advance for response

Chris D

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The target for the merge is the user which was imported first, which will be the user with the lowest user ID. Unfortunately because the users are imported in sequence, there's no way to have the target of the merge be any different than that.

Mr Lucky

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So presumably merging the users in vbulletin first may be the best option.

That seems to be a serious flaw with vbulletin.
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Mr Lucky

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Thanks for the explanation. We will handle the conflict in vB prior the import then. Luckily we have only 200 of them.
I really wouldn't sweat over it, if people opened multiple accounts (presumably against your rules) they only have themselves to blame if they get merged in a way they didn't want.