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While importing users if duplicate users are found, they can either be automatically merged based on email and username or you can choose which action to take for each.
Sorry to bump this, but I'm coming back at this.

I just converted my own forum via the importer. So from IPB 4.4.10 to Xenforo 2.2 and I got a warning that there should not be any existing users. Thinking of your answer I ignored this warning.
Now this happened:

Username conflicts
        Black Tiger username changed to Black Tiger1

Email conflicts
        Black Tiger1: Email changed to my@domain.com
The email address was the same on both accounts.

But I thought you said the names would be merged. I did not get a choice which action to take.
Both usernames were merged, but not into the already existing account Black Tiger. The new account Black Tiger1 was created for this.
Which is not what you said in post #7.

This could cause huge issues when importing the SMF forum which has some users which exists on both forums. So I would really like to know how to solve this.
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It actually looks like the IPS importer is the one that doesn't explicitly expose the user merging options. I'll investigate that for a future XF Importers release. The SMF config does seem to expose the merge option though.

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Yes, that is nice. But the problem is that I have still to convert both forums now. I bought the Xen software mostly because of the impression that this would work correctly.
This was only a test conversion and in this case the admin name was the only name duplicate.

But if you're sure on SMF this won't happen this way, then it wouldn't be a very big problem because the IPS forum will be imported first.

Also another question. On importing it seems not a single forum permission is imported either.
After the import, node permissions, which are forum permissions if I'm correct, are set for all usergroups to "inherit" even certain closed forums like the moderating section and read-only forums.
Is it correct that these permissions are not imported?

Isn't there a better/nicer overview for all forum permissions? Because now I have to click open everything seperately.
On IPB I could click the usergroup, then a lock sign (permissions) and I could see all forums in a list and next to it all permissions for that usergroup.

Like below in the image. Doesn't Xen have a kindlike easy overview?