XF 1.3 User group upgrade not working properly

Hi all,

I launched my company forum yesterday and started receiving payments today BUT, all users who upgraded did not get placed into the correct usergroup, infact they stayed as registered instead of having their accounts upgraded, all payments have been received no issues the only issue is they have not been placed into the usergroup they purchased...

any ideas?

Thank you


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The primary user group doesn't change.
They are added to user groups as secondary.

Check the logs to see the status of the transactions.
yes i do, i see all payments that have gone through, everything is showing up in the logs its just the users are not getting permissions to view what they have perchased automatically
i manually upgraded my test account and within the user settings and information i noticed that the secondary had changed to the correct usergroup that i manually set the upgrade to, BUT still could not see content


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If the secondary user group is being applied then it is a permissions issue.

Use the Analyze Permissions function to determine why.
honestly all my permissions are set just fine, its the upgrading system that isnt working properly, iv just checked the permissions and everything seems just fine
can i just screenprint my settings on everything you think might be the issue, i have no idea what it might be, maybe if i screen print you could see if anything isnt correct?