XF 2.1 User Group Promotions Issue


I'm running 2.1.4 and I can't seem to get the User Group Promotions to work.
  1. I changed the Registered name to "Newbie". This is what people default to when they register.
  2. I then made a second User Group titled Novice Poster.
  3. I then went to the User Group Promotions section and created the Novice Poster promotion.
In the Promotion Options section I have this:
  • Title: Novice Poster
  • Promotion is active: Ticked
  • Add to user groups: Novice Poster
In the Apply This Promotion While... section I have this:
  • User is NOT a member of any of the selected user groups: Administrative, Banned Users, Moderating, Super Moderators, Unregistered / Unconfirmed
  • Content and achievements:
    • User has posted at least X messages: 10
    • User has posted no more than X messages: 49
There is nothing selected in the User Field Criteria section.

The goal was that at 10 posts the Newbie user would automatically be promoted to Novice Poster. I then created a new user and tested this by posting 10 times. That user still has the Newbie title. I ran the User Group Promotions Cron, and I rebuilt the User and User Group Promotions caches. It did not change the user group. I saw where someone said they have to be active recently. I wasn't sure how often "recently" was, so I re-logged in as that user to see if it would promote at that time. No dice. Can someone tell me what I'm missing?


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Go back and change it to where
User is a member of any of the selected user groups:
and highlight Newbie

Then remove
User has posted no more than X messages: 49

The reason for this is I'm assuming your next user promotion is set for 50 messages.

This is the way I have it setup for a usergroup promotion for our forum and it works just fine.


It turns out this was all my fault again (which I figured, hence why I didn't post in the bug reporting section). I needed to set the User Group setting for Newbie to "Use the default user title ladder". I wasn't editing that ladder, and I had both Newbie and Novice Poster set to use their own title, but the Newbie one was overriding the Novice Poster I guess. It turns out the test user I created WAS a member of the Novice Poster group, but I wasn't aware of it because I saw "Newbie" next to the name and just assumed it wasn't part of the group. Thanks for trying to help, though! I have to say, the community support has been vastly better than over at vBulletin (what I was using prior to coming back to Xenforo).