XF 1.1 User Group Promotion not working for a specific user


I have configured a User Group Promotion so that all posts are moderated until users have reached a total of five posts. Then they are promoted to the usergroup members which will let them post without moderation. But for one specific user this promotion doesn't seem to work. He has posted well over 40 posts but his posts are still showing up in the moderation que. If I look at his profile he is not a member of the members group.

What could be wrong?
Everybody is member of the "registered" group. After 5 granted posts members are added to user group "members" where there is no moderation applied.


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Send me a PC with the following information and I will attempt to debug this later tonight or tomorrow:
  • ACP access
  • Database Access
  • Name of the User
  • Name of the promotion that is not applying.