Setting user promotion not work on certain users?


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It seems like you're working on setting up user promotions and have simplified them a bit (having made only 4 in total). Here comes the first one which you can't understand why isn't working:

User Member Plus
User logged in User is valid
User has posted at least X messages: 50
User has received a reaction score of at least X: 40
User has been registered for at least X days: 60

That's all I have set, and now there are quite a few users who meet these criteria and who are exclusively in the "registered" group - that is, the standard group for XenForo. But these users are not being promoted. What have I done wrong?

Here is an example of such a user profile where you can see that they meet all the criteria but are still not being promoted.

Promotions are only applied automatically to recently active members.
They will be promoted the next time they log in.

To apply it to all members immediately, run the task in the tools menu.
Thank you very much for your reply.

I have run all the tasks in the tools, tried to clear cache on cloudflare etc. nothing makes these users promote.

When I click the history of promotions there are 500 users promoted after hitting the Rebuild user group promotions but these old users not.
hmmm, I'm sure you are right but according to my knowledge and what I have shown here they should.

Can I open a ticket for support and ask you to look into it?
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