XF 1.5 Use spam cleaner without permission to see email address?


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Is it possible to give someone access to use the spam cleaner but not give them access to see members' email addresses?

Many people have their full name in their email address. Our forum talks about very confidential issues. I'd feel more comfortable giving people access to use the spam cleaner without giving them access to see the email addresses of all newer members.


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I wrapped the template code for the email address ("<dt>{xen: Phrase email}:</dt> <dd>{$user.email}</dd>") with code that will make it only appear when the viewer can view IP addresses. It's hackish, but it suits our forum well. I figure that if they can't see all newcomers IP numbers, they shouldn't be able to see their email addresses either, especially when email addresses often have full names.

Here is what it looked like after being wrapped:
<xen:if is="{$canViewIps}">
                <dt>{xen:phrase email}:</dt>

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Thanks for your help! Stunningly rapid as usual.