XF 1.1 Use Question & Answer CAPTCHA


Is it only 1 question that can be answsered when people try to register? I have 2 slected and only 1 shows up. Thanks


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I do recommend more than one Q&A CAPTCHA (and not simple maths questions)
Most CAPTCHA have been dead for a long while, there's rarely any point in using a common CAPTHCA (they are just anoying for humans, and easy for bots)

For Q&A's, bots have an annoying habit of learning (either the submitter goes looking at why the failed attempts have occurred, or common Question/Answers are attempted, and often logic is used to break the question)

The software is also able to gather and decipher artificial intelligence such as security questions (i.e. what is 2+2?) often used by forums upon registration. Since the latest version of XRumer, the software is capable of collecting such security questions from multiple sources and is much more effective in defeating them. Helper program Hrefer is also included. This software is used to automatically parse results from search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing and Yandex for forums and blogs that can then be used as a target list for the main XRumer application