Option to use Captcha and Q&A and multiple questions

Black Tiger

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I wonder why this wasn't suggested before.

For anti forum spam it would be a good idea if both a captcha and Q&A could be used.

Next to that, at this moment only 1 question is asked in Q&A. Nice, but if a spammer gets the answer, they are in.
So if it would be configurable, for example 3 questions, if they know one, they still are not in because they don't know the other 2.

It doesn't matter if you don't know exactly which question is compromised beceause with 3 questions it takes longer anyway and when you use like 5 or 7 questions which can be choose of randomly, they are easy to replace.

I've used this very effectively on a couple of forums and we hardly got any spammers in. And at the time 2 of 3 came in, we changed all question and all was quiet again.

But prime would be if Q&A (even with 1 question) could be enabled next to 1 captcha option.
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@Black Tiger - you know my forum.
I use Spaminator and questions.

Spaminator removes the spambots and I use a question.
Since this combination, no human spammers came through!

Black Tiger

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I know your forums, but this is a Suggestion to improve Xen.
Next to that, Spaminator is not free, while I got the same result by the method mentioned, without the need of payed software.

I know about payed options, but this is already build in and the feature request is to improve this. ;)

Black Tiger

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Captcha's are build in so there is no real need for another one.
As far as I remember, I already used a combination of captcha and questions in vB 3.8. But I got out of there when IB took over and people like Kier left. So I don't know if v4 and/or 5 still have this possibility.

I think for payed requests you need to be in another section.


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Don't agree with that, as I've said, I think with specific niches it adds a unique flare to the registration process, I'd be willing to pay for a premium add-on.

If the default is enough for you, that's fine. I'm looking for more.