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I think the poll is a largely underestimated feature and right now it isn't getting much attention. I'm not only talking about XenForo here but the majority of the forum softwares have fairly simple polls-system. Also I might point out that I have no idea what Kier and Mike might have said about possible plans for polls so I'm just gonna throw some things out here.

Here's some things that could be improved upon.

1. Firstly, hide the poll when posting a new thread. It's adding a lot of unneeded clutter. This has been suggested before here:

2. Allow polls to have more than 1 question.

3. Add a setting to each poll to either "Treat all questions as one question" or not, could be a tickbox. What this means is that if you haven't ticked "Allow selection of multiple responses" and haven't ticked "Treat all questions as one question", you will be able to select 1 response PER question. Having 4 questions would mean that you can select 4 responses(1 from each question). If you have ticked "Treat all questions as one question" and haven't ticked "Allow selection of multiple responses" you'll only be able to select 1 response for that whole poll, regardless of how many questions there are.

This could be useful when conducting a poll on 2 different usergroups. Like question 1; "If you're a member, do you find the searchbar confusing?" Responses; "Yes", "No", "What searchbar?". Question 2; "If you're a moderator, do you find the moderation tools easy to use?" Responses; "Yes", "No", "Well, I know how to ban someone..". There are of course endless amounts of uses for this.

However, you'll only be able to ask 1 question to each usergroup with that system, that's where suggestion #4 comes in.

4. Allow several polls in the same thread. This would effectively take care of the problem that occured in #3. Each poll is treated on its own. You could - following the example from #3 - set up 2 polls, each poll having not ticked "Allow selection of multiple responses" and having not ticked "Treat all questions as one question". That way you can set up multiple questions on each poll and the users can vote for only 1 response per question.

5. Then there's also Brogan's excellent suggestion regarding an easier way to input large amounts of responses. Original thread here:

I know there's more suggestions out there regarding polls but here's at least some that I wish to highlight.


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Seems there's a lot of suggestions regarding polls, it certainly is an overlooked feature that doesn't get much love from the developers (yet).
Hopefully XF will change that :)


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Polls should be put to rest in the web graveyard with frames and <blink>.


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This is one I've yet to see on a forum, but I always ask.

I'd like to see the ability to ask more than one question with responses per thread. This would allow for research or "survey" to be done within a topic.

For example:


Do You like xenForo?
- yes
- no

Do you plan to buy xenForo?
- yes
- no
- maybe

What would you rate xenForo?
- 1 star
- 2 star
- 3 star
For anyone else who agrees, or would like to see this feature, please like this thread. Thanks you.


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Nice suggestion. If you can design this in a way that keeps things clean (which should be possible) then it makes the polls a lot more powerful and flexible. As an add-on this can also get very popular.


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I have merged the thread with an earlier suggestion and also tweaked the title slightly.