Lack of interest A tweak to use a RegEx match on the Q&A CAPTCHA?

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Steve Gibson

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Dear XenDevs...

I've seen you guys sometimes post a line or two of code when something was simple. So, in that hope and spirit, I'd love to have the ability to use a RegEx in the defined Answer to XenForo's Q&A CAPTCHA's so that whatever the would-be registrant enters would be tested against that. Since the text comparison is already case-insensitive, I'm hoping that the change needed to XenForo's code would be tiny?

The application would be loosening-up the comparison to allow for more complex questions—which would better defeat both Bots and uninformed humans—where the registrant's answers are allowed to be inexact and close enough—for example, in their spelling. It's true that this could be accommodated by providing many many answers (every possible form of correct answer), but if several different portions of the answer might be changed, the need for exact matching, even with case insensitivity, becomes burdensome. Allowing the user's answer to be tested against a RegEx matching expression would provide a huge range of power.

Is this the sort of enhancement you could provide a code tweak to accommodate?

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Replying to myself... In digging around some more I discovered Brogan's replay elsewhere in reply to someone asking for RegEx validation of the Location at registration. Brogan noted:

You could disable/not use the core location field and use a custom user field, which allows for regex validation.

Since custom user fields allow for RegEx validation, that solves the need that I had! :)
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