Upload button for videos missing


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I use XF gallery to embed youtube videos in my community. This works fine.

However, now I have some videos which are not available on youtube. So I wanted to upload them directly, but unfortunarely there was no upload button visible. I checked permissions and permissions "upload video to album" have been set.

Any ideas what can cause this issue?

Chris D

XenForo developer
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It sounds to me like you're running a very old version.

X(F)MG has never supported video but in very old versions a permission was included accidentally related to video uploads. This has since been removed.


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XFMG does support embedding from any of the BB code media sites you're using, though you can opt-in to which ones are allowed. One option would be to define a custom BB code media site that represented the media you were uploading (though you'd then need another player). Of course, assuming you own the rights to the media, you could upload it to a media site (including YouTube) and allow it to be embedded. (If you don't own the rights, uploading locally is still questionable.)