XF 1.5 Upgrade Question - For further understanding


first of all - where can I see the Versionnumber of Xenforo which is at the moment installed in my Webspace? I mean.. I cannot see the Version in the Admin menu it seems. I installed it around march, but did not bother to write down the version i installed ;)

Second - I read in the upgrade howto, that the process is to simply overwrite the Xenforo files and ask the Installer do the upgrade. What I do not understand are the information about Templates and Styles. I am using a Free Style called GamePro made from someone here in the community as base and modfied a couple of Templates of it for my needs. - Does the Update touch this custom Style? In my old VB3 I did not have to bother with my Forum Style when I upgraded my Installation with the latest fixes.
And if yes - what is this merging the howto is talking about?



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The version number should be written down in your ACP on bottom if I remember it correctly.

Do you want to upgrade your installation to the newest 1.5x branch, or to 2.0x? That makes a lot of different.

Before you do anything, backup your files and database first, so in case of something going wrong you are safe.

Upgrading to the newest 1.5x shouldnt make a difference for your style normally. However upgrading to 2.0x means none of your addons or styles will work.


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Another exception to the rule would depend on what version you are upgrading from. No way a style written for v1.3 would work on v1.5 fully.
Sorry - was not in town for a couple of days.
We are using 1.5 - and using a Style that is written for 1.5 according to the Ressources Page.
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