XF 1.4 Upgrade from 1.2.4 with outdated templates

Hey, thank you for clicking on my topic to help me.

I have a challange. My board is old (1.2.4) with templates that I've purchased and installed (2013). I tried once to directly upgrade from 1.2.4 to 1.4 without success. You can read about it here: Old topic.

Board: No problem to import from old to new.
Template: I have changed some some bits here and there which I can't remember.
Add-ons: I have some addons which I would like to keep.

A total new installation would be last resort as I would like to keep my settings and configurations (template wise) as it is without having the need to install a brand new board and to it again.

My question is: How can I do this as flawless as possible?

To any moderator: I am willing to pay for your assistance if you help me directly on my site.

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
Judging by your last thread, the bulk of your issues were related to the outdated templates.

The style you purchased and installed is likely to have been updated to work with the current XF version. It is likely going to be easier to update that, than it will be to manually fix anything or use the merge system.

To truly see whether the outdated style is at fault, you should try it on the default XF style. If you no longer have this, you can recreate it by creating a new style in the Admin CP that doesn't have a parent. If everything works fine on that, the upgrade has worked fine and it's just a case of updating the style.