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Upgrade from 1.1.3 - easy or not?


XenForo has been working well from me, until I upgraded my Windows server. I transferred my XenForo v1.1.3 installation to the new server, and it looked ok. But I get a lot of little problems, especially with email veification and sending.

I've tried digging around looking for the error, without success.

If I upgrade to the current version, will the upgrade go smoothly? Is there any work to be done on the database or is that backwards compatible? Will I just have to point the config.php at the old database? How do I move across my site's branding and colours?

Thanks for your help.

That's what I feared - I don't want to go through a big upgrade, as 1.1.3 was doing what we wanted.

Is there any chance of getting support for a Zend error like: Validate class not found from basename 'EmailAddress'?