XF 1.5 Upgrade from 1.5.0 to 1.5.1

I downloaded the new upgrade file, and yes it was definately the upgrade version, not the complete install. I uploaded and overwrote the files into my server directory via FTP and then we to forum.com/install .

For starters it said that the permissions for install/external_data were wrong or the folder didn't exist, so i checked and the folder didnt exist so i created it. Refreshed and the install continued.

However from what it looks like it is trying to do a complete new install, asked for all the database information and now its asking me to delete all the data in the database (posts, users etc.).

Why isnt my forum upgrading? Anyone's help would be appreciated.


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You don't need to go to forum.com/install

After uploading the files and overwriting everything, simply login to your forum, go to the ACP and there will be a wizard to upgrade.


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Your URL in your screenshot is /install/install/ !!
It should just be install/ - sound like you've uploaded the files incorrectly
Thanks Guys, I does seem as i dragged and dropped the new upgrade directly in to the install folder on the existing server, just going through now and removing all the files uploaded and I will try and upload again. Next time I wont use the touch screen laptop when working on the FTP client. I will let you know who it goes once i rectify this issue.

Again thank you!
So yes, deleted all the files that was originally uplaoded to the install folder on server, re-uploaded to the main server folder and upgrade worked fine.