MG 1.1 Failed upgrade from 1.1.0 to 1.1.2


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I've been running Media Gallery 1.1.0 for a while now and now trying to upgrade to my newest available version which is 1.1.2. I've uploaded the files and now trying to run the upgrade via the admincp but getting the following message:

" Developer: default_value is not a valid array (xengalleryVideoUploadConstraints) "


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You need to use a more recent version than 1.1.2 because of this change. The thing is, if you only have access to XFMG 1.1.2, then you're running a version of XenForo on that site that you aren't licensed to use (1.5.5). The latest version you should be running is 1.5.2. Presumably you're using files from another license to do this and you really shouldn't be doing that.

Essentially, I would have to recommend that you properly extend your license to meet the license agreement and also give you access to the latest version. (Or you should be reverting to XenForo 1.5.2 or older, which would require restoring a backup from that version.)