MG 1.1 Updated Media Tagging, Video Uploads and More


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woo hoo!!! i am surprised i didn't think it would come this early, i was sad all month, now i am happy

this is my favourite add-on!!

tank you sir!! and tank you xenforo!!


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Cross-question - will xenforo 1.5 come with a html5 uploader? I will kill my flashplayer better today then soon. ;)


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XF 1.5. is currently in the beta phase so there are no plans to make any further changes or add features.


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If there's no plans for it to be enabled. It would be great if xenforo added at least 1 video for us to look at and see how it looks.


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Awesome update for XFMG.

I'm most happy about the improved upload form that encourages users to start tagging and adding custom fields as they upload media - it's the only way to really get people using these features as they're intended.