XF 1.2 Trophy points doesn't work properly


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I have changed my trophy points page but it doesn't seem to work properly. As example, i"m getting trophy's as an administrator for 50.000 posts and i don't have 50.000 posts. All criteria are met in the right way. Can anyone help? See my profile with to many points.

xen 1 problem.png xen 2 problem.png


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Trophies are not "unrewarded" once they're achieved. I believe the only way to do that is to delete the trophy.


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There is a query that can be run to reset trophies, and they'll be re-rewarded when the cron runs...

I can't remember it off hand though.

If you remember, be sure to post it. This would be easier than deleting trophies and re-making them. :)