- not yet there, but could use some feedback


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Hello. I'm a new XenForo user. I have worked with phpBB, MyBB, IPB and vBulletin till now and was curious to see how XF looks like. So I installed it on a new forum of mine. - is the site. I tried to 'play' a little with the design. Wasn't too brave to do some more design tweaking, as I would like to, so I'll have to make even more changes in the future. I have worked on the colours, background etc.

Please let me know how it looks to you.
PS: I would appreciate if you could tell me how to change the color for the [home] [forums] [members] [help] menu links. Searched for 2 hours and didn't get to any result. The links are too light and I know they need changing.

Thank you in advance and congratulations for the platform. Love it so far ;)


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Looking good so far Dojo, To change the navlink colors open up EXTRA.css and add this code in there changing the color to the one you want.

.navTabs .navTab.PopupClosed .navLink {
color: #999 !important;
A suggestion, maybe you should think about using a different font. The current one seems a little too 'squashed'. :)


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He he, you look familiar :)

Thank you for the hint. Will add the code and hope it solves my problem. Will need to look for another custom font then. I want to have something 'out of the ordinary', but maybe this one is not the best idea


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I like the forum look overall but agreed with the font type, it would look good in a screenshot but when you keep comming back it disturbs the eyes a bit :)

Here is a good registration notice that would make a good fit on your site:

Sign Up/Welcome Notice


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Far to white in my eyes, even though I'm a fan of the content being white but in my opinion it doesn't mean the background has to match.

I did a little mock up that would draw a bit more attention to certain things ;p, found sort of a grungy image though, but you get the idea I hope ;p.



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I agree too much white but I don't agree the remedy suggested so far.
What you've done is very effective keeping all the backgrounds white. You're rejecting a straight "forum look." I like it. Spacious, modern, slightly futuristic without wackiness.

Instead of changing the backfround - and crashing your existing power concept - consider making some of your elements stand out more. You already have with the signup button in cerulean blue. The forum icons are GORGEOUS and the large large category titles are grand on that endless white background.
You're on the right track about your navbar see below.

In admincp go to Appearance
Click Style Properties on the left
Here you can change loads of colours, spacing and more
Your navigation navbar is Navigation Tabs Container.
Click a little square of sample colour to change it.

If you don't want the Color Palette as provided you can change it, though this can change other elements too.
Alternatively use the Color Picker tab for free choice on this element only.

You can do LOTS more in this Style Properties area- worth playing around as it is easy to undo an experiment.


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Russ, thank you for the mockup. I have done such designs all these years, but wanted to have something less crammed and with a more modern outlook. So the 'whiteness' is intended :)
Morgain, thank you for the advice and support. You understood what I am going for: a non-forum design. I'm a bit tired of the way forums look like, maybe it's because I've done too many designs like this, so I wanted something very light and simple.
Was able to solve the menu issue too, phew, better than the almost white links :D


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Dojo glad you're feeling happier about it.
I checked the URL again and I still think it needs something more to offset the massive white.

Now I've seen some very cool designs which make the SECOND navbar (the one below the top bar) the same colour as the background, - important: without a border i.e. border is white too. So the links just sit below the top navbar without appearing to be another bar.
This would go well with your invisible structure, white distances concept.

It means the TOP navbar does need to be quite strong. I wonder if yours would be good as a gentle blue? Your blues are really very splendid. Your footer could match instead of being charcoal grey.
The background of the sliding sign-in area that drops down when called, might work as a pearl pink (which you seem to like) to contrast the blue.

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For the important forum titles, you've chosen a quirky squished font.
I would choose just the opposite, a font that is wider than taller. To make it stand out more.
Even your forum banner font is better than the forum title font. IMO.

You also have lots of room for the forum titles. Why chose a narrow font in the context of lots of room for the forum titles ?


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It's the same font, but one is uppercase the other is 'normal'. I like it being narrow, since it looks better than a wide font. Maybe I need to get one that's not that narrow, though my blog readers never complained about it. Am using the same font on for instance.


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Dunno if you like this but I had fun doing it!
It's just I REALLY liked your forum icons so I thought this strengthened and supported them.


The font colour on the navbars and on the breadcrumb is navy blue, or bright blue.
I'd make the footer a narrow gold bar too to frame your content zone.

Disregard quietly if you don't like. Jus me havin fun wif my little editor.


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I really appreciate you input and support :)

I will try to incorporate some yellow on the theme, you're right, would look pretty dandy. Am now working on a 'wrapper' for the entire forum. In few days it will look way better.


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If you do go and add yellow on your site please don't use the one Morgain chose as it looks way out of place on your site, I would stick with the blue you have as the site looks fine how it is.


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right now if you just made your borders the same color as the active tab and 1px it would totally change the "whiteness" aspect, while still keeping it very "white"....just a thought...


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The yellow was the closest I could get with a fairly basic mockup. It was intended to be a match for the tones in the forum icons.

(RevTastic never likes anything I do or like so take that into account ;) It's a knee jerk thing.)


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I like it a lot, just wished the "Sign Up Now!"-button would have the same type of blue as the menubar. Congrats with the site, and good luck :)