- Big Board (thousands or millon posts) Migrations


Doing this conversion for a client meant getting it done quickly and having everything work. My client's forum is a business for him, and needed things carried over properly. When the attachments didn't properly work, TODO10 spent the time to make sure that on final import everything worked properly. I've done some VB4 to XF conversions myself, and using them to do this VB5 conversion was totally worth it. The client is very happy with the results, which makes me happy.


Steve Bowman

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We had a heap of problems when we upgraded from vbulletin 3.8 to vbulletin 5 on the cloud in February. What piece of crap! Almost killed our 20-year-old forum. I found XenForo, then found Claudio here as an expert at migrating vbulletin to XenForo. vbulletin kept sending him corrupted or incomplete backup files, but he persisted. Finally, we're up an running on XenForo ( Claudio even answered some of my setup questions. If I ever have to migrate from vbulletin again, I'll call Claudio. Even though it took a long time, he persisted, kept at it, went through a few redos until it was right.


Todo migrated our 10 year old Vbulletin 3.8.0 with over 11 million posts to xenforo without any problems:...and, for a very good price! Fast work, the people work together with you and the new xenforo working without any problems, smooth and easy.. and I don`t think migrating 11 million posts is that easy.

Job well done!


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Todo migrated our 6+ million posts VB 4. He also helped to install elasticsearch.
There was few scheduling & technical problem.
But he has sorted it out. Thank you for your service.


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Absolutely excellent. Moved us from VB4 to XF 1.5. Had our theme installed and upgraded, and installed all the required addons to gain the same functionality we had on VB. Communication was almost instant. We couldn't be happier. Thanks Fernando!


One more glowing review here! That seems to be a theme with Todo10. Fernando moved migrated my site from VB3. This was the first migration I've been through. He patiently helped me through every question and issue I had. He had great communication throughout the whole process. I can't say enough about what a great experience this was. Worth every penny. Thanks for all your help Fernando!


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Thank you to Claudio, Fernando and Todo10 for migrating my vB4.2.4 forum with 2.2M+ posts. They were very patient with all my questions about the process and about Xenforo in general. They were also able to work with my slow VPS that had various technical issues during the upgrade. I had no problems at all with communication or time zones, despite some server related email glitches. I would definitely recommend getting a quote from Todo10 as one of your options if you are looking to update to Xenforo. Everything is running great now on a new host.