If I decided to switch from VB 4.5.2 to XF - Some question


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I know I am going to be upgrading or changing as VB4 is past end of life and no longer being actively supported. The question is whether to upgrade to VB5 or move to something else, like XF. With that in mind, I have some initial questions (Will probably have more)

1. Can VB4 data be easily migrated to XF?

2. If needed are professional migration services availabe (may not need, but just in case)

3. What happens to all existing VB links? (e.g., Google links etc...is there a provision for redirecting old links until Google re-indexes the new forum?)

4. Can I still have Custom Usergroups and assign username HTML markup?

5. Does XF have built-in paid subscription function that can link to PayPal? (like VB4 does) and will current subscriptions migrate over?

6. Can I have a custom registration page? I like to ask more than just name/ password. My current registration askes for location, what type of car they own (it is a car-related forum), etc.

7. If answer to #2 is yes, will previous paid subscription data migrate over?

8. Can I create custom pages with XF like I can with VB5? (Thisi is actually a very important consideration)

9. In general, if I were to migrate from my very large VB4 site to XF, what things can I expect to lose and not see migrated?

10. Are there any concerns about attachments or images attached to posts in current VB4 being lost upon moving to XF?

11. Will XF allow for Side Bar Data and is side bar collapsable by users (like it is in my VB4 site)

I know this is a lot of questions (and I'll likely have more) but I've been running a site for 20 years and making such a big more is a bit scary.
As you are now licensed, you can post in the customer forums for support as support isn't proved in the pre-sales forum.

Got it.
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