XF 2.2 To Top and To Bottom Floating arrow buttons


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At some point in the last few years I switched off the floating up and down arrow buttons to take the user to the top and bottom of the page, as they were conflicting with an anchor ad.

Where would I find this option? Or would I have commented out some CSS or template code?

Thanks in advance.
This seems to be them?
<xf:if is="property('scrollJumpButtons')">
<div class="u-scrollButtons js-scrollButtons" data-trigger-type="{{ property('scrollJumpButtons') }}">
<xf:button href="#top" class="button--scroll" data-xf-click="scroll-to"><xf:fa icon="fa-arrow-up" /><span class="u-srOnly">{{ phrase('top') }}</span></xf:button>
<xf:if is="property('scrollJumpButtons') != 'up'">
<xf:button href="#footer" class="button--scroll" data-xf-click="scroll-to"><xf:fa icon="fa-arrow-down" /><span class="u-srOnly">{{ phrase('bottom') }}</span></xf:button>
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