Browser issue TinyMCE and Android - select and paste operations are not working


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In Android's browser in editor's textarea context menu (long typing) is not working. And provided by this menu operations are not working.
Hacker's Keyboard is have cursor keys - they are not working also.


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Last I knew, Android didn't support rich text editors. On my phone (Galaxy S II), I don't get a rich text editor at all -- just a text area. If you are masking your user agent as a desktop browser, then unfortunately there's nothing we can do to workaround it.

(Just as a side note, if it's not the rich editor, the long-press context menu works for me.)


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In that case, can be it makes sense to disconnect under the version of the browser of the user use wysiwig mode?

By the way, not absolutely on this question how it is possible to include at once a simple mode of the editor but to leave the reference (button) for switching in a mode wysiwig? I tried editor_js_setup to change in a template theme: ", but it only switch editor to simple mode and does not give the link (button) for switching to wysiwig mode.