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XF 1.3 Time before automatic log out


Well-known member
Hi, I extended the time in 'Online Status Timeout and I'm still getting logged out. Did I do something wrong? Thanks.


Well-known member
If you increased it from 15 minutes to 60 minutes, you'll still be logged out. It'll just be after 60 minutes have gone by, not 15 minutes. However, to prevent being logged out, check the "Remember Me?" box when logging in.


XenForo developer
Staff member
That option doesn't have anything to do with logging out. It will always be around 60 minutes of inactivity (and no tab focus) unless you choose the option to stay logged in.


Well-known member
If the tab isn't focussed, the 60 minute inactivity time limit applies.
Ah. So if I didn't check "Remember Me?" when logging in here on XenForo Community, if the tab was selected and 60 minutes passed, I would appear logged out only after refreshing the page or visiting another page, but if I were on another tab and 60 minutes passed, I would appear logged out when going back to the XenForo Community tab?
I have gone to user options and extended to 60mins...some members complaining they have to log in too often. Is there anything else I could do or recommend to them?
If they check stay logged in, they shouldn't have to log in again.
thanks for quick reply. they say they use that feature.

does the browser or their pc going to sleep have anything to do with it I could suggest to them?

is there another option I could have changed to counter-act that option?

If not, ah well, maybe they complain too much lol