Implemented TikTok media site support for Media Gallery


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Can the media gallery get support for the embedding of Tik Tok videos? TikTok is a pretty popular service and as an entertainment site, I figured it'd make sense to support this platform in the media gallery?
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It's basically already supported out of the box, it just needs to be configured - you do not need an Add-on for this.


Chris D

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Has something changed because at one point I looked into it and it wasn’t easily possible due to the embed URL and share URL of the videos being incompatible.

Though I note that it seems to have oembed support now which I don’t believe was an option previously.

Chris D

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That is his TikTok.


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On one of my cloud accounts (just set up a brand new one) I cannot get tiktok to display properly for guests.

It displays when logged in but a guest sees this...

Screenshot (98).png

It starts to load and then stops, when I log in it works as expected.