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No permission to download


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hah! turning from 70 to 50 makes it do drop " | Board title" part on 4700 pages instead of 755. Every third page title on my forum were cut off by Google until today. Speaking of organic traffic leaks... )

Found 755 threads with too long titles. Their titles were modified from "Thread title | Board title" to "Thread title".
Now there are 24 threads with too long titles.

Found 4783 threads with too long titles. Their titles were modified from "Thread title | Board title" to "Thread title".
Now there are 755 threads with too long titles.


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I'm going to change Max limit from 70 to 50 on my forum and we'll see what happens. )
no, bad idea. my BoardTitle is 20, has 3 words, all of which are my main keywords. if I set to 50, it means template modification will drop Board title starting from 51 and making title 31, and loosing keywords from the title. But the title was probably absolutely normal and was not cut. nooooo )
for me 70 it is.


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hehehe, very funny


Is there some kind of protection I could put in a code so only valid license holders could use my add-on?


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The price of success.
There are some XF forums where you have to validate your license before you can download add-ons but I can't find anything about it in the resources.

@Ozzy47 can help i suppose.


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@Anatoliy any plans to add sorting and forum exclusion? Otherwise I can take a stab at it :)
I'm working on it. Used as a tutorial episode 17 of "Building with xf2", but it uses xfs_tag_macros and I have no idea what it is. Probably from one of previous episodes. So I had no choice but to start from episode 1. :)
I'm on episode 11 right now, so it will take at least few days before the next update will be available.


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First of all - a good addon/good idea :)

But I have questions:
For example, if you have 2 duplicate titles and then change one of them - then there are practically no more duplicate titles. But your addon leaves the one title that hasn't been changed marked as supposedly "duplicate". Can you still change that?

Also a real good idea - the possibility to exclude forums (like intern moderator forums with many double tittles like the one for double registrations eg.).