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Thread Titles Manager 1.0.1 Patch Level 1

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I'll check with them to see what would be the best way to do it.. There are things to consider if e.g. the addon id and versions make a difference? 🤔
Don't make it complicated. ) Those who used mine will uninstall my 10.0.33 🤭 and will install yours 1.0.0.


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Use the report link and simply ask to change the resource owner. It’s 2 clicks for us.
Okay I reported it now :D

Once (and if) it is changed over I will release future versions here also and probably put version down to 1.0.0 and then people can uninstall + install with new package :) 👍


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mazzly updated Thread Titles Manager with a new update entry:

Reset version to 1.0.0 and various improvements

NOTE: If you are coming from an earlier version, please uninstall it before as this one won't install otherwise :) 👍

Changes in this release:
  • Only check threads that are public (search engines can crawl)
  • Show list of threads in tables and use macros for this
  • Duplicate threads page to have pagination

Upcoming features planned (at some point)
  • Option to ignore threads with 0 replies..
  • Show more metadata about threads in the table (author, forum, views, etc..)
    • Possibly also a short summary of first post for context (especially for short threads)
  • Allow...

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SEO best practice is a limit of ~65 which is a common cutoff for desktop search (in reality it's by pixels).
I set this as the new default as I've also landed on this number in my own SEO efforts :)

@Anatoliy any plans to add sorting and forum exclusion? Otherwise I can take a stab at it :)
The new release solves forum-exclusion automagically by excluding threads from forum nodes that are not public, since those are irrelevant for search engines (because they can't see them..)


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So should I uninstall previous version and install 1.0.0? Or I should upgrade with the current one?


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The current ones in place seem to make most sense to me
First I thought that the longest (shortest) titles should go first. Then, when I realized that there are a lot of them, I started to think that I should fix first not the longest(shortest), but with biggest amount of replies, as those probably perform better than short one page treads, and after fixing will perform even better. This way my fixing work would be more efficient.

But what I guess would be really efficient is to order thread titles by "impressions" under "performance" in GSC.

P.S. installed. (y)


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What kind of sorting did you have in mind? The current ones in place seem to make most sense to me, but I might be missing some useful scenario for filtering them :)
By views and replies etc. I don't want to waste time changing titles of threads that are junk. Your 0 reply exclusion is a good idea.