Browser issue Thread Display Options Jagged Edge w/ IE10


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XF 1.3.4: When using IE10 and you click on Thread Display Options you get a jagged edge on the dropdown...


Once that happens, and you hover on any thread title to see the thread preview, the jagged edge returns to normal.

This seems to only happen with the XF default style.


This seems to be intermittent. It doesn't always happen here, but it does happen from time to time. The trick to making it happen seems to be avoiding any javascript hover items and it happens fairly consistently.


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I think this is a pretty clear cut browser redraw bug. It looks like it isn't re-updating the area properly when the animation happens. I should note that this doesn't seem to happen in IE11 for me. Given that IE11 is replacing IE10 (and 9) generally, it doesn't seem like there's much point in looking at this in too much detail.