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Hello everyone,

I am interessed in integrating XenForo forum solution in my current WordPress website.

It's a shame there is no free days we can test XenForo forum, to see if XenForo is good for us.

So, my question is : I want XenForo to have the same style as my current website. In first, I want both forum and site to have the same header and the same footer : how can I do this ? I have WordPress template, in TWIG format, in many files : base.twig, header.twig, core.twig. footer.twig... My current worflow is compatible with XenForo ? I don't know how to tell XenForo template to include header.twig, footer.twig, etc. which have there own dependancies... If someone has a solution, I will be happy to hear him :)

Thank you !
Thanks for your replies !

Another question : can we create custom actions that extend Xenforo actions ? An exemple : when a user respond to another user in a topic, I would like to catch this action and write my own code to do something on my WordPress website. Is it possible ?
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