The end of forums as we know them?


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My proposal was not that you automatically have the same acccount on any participating XF site whether you want to appear the same or not.

My proposal is that you have the OPTION to sign in to a participating XF site (XF Zone).
This then provides you with a readymade account with your usual avatar, email etc. You just supply the password and do the Captcha.
You can then change your avatar, personal statement etc if you wish just as normal.

If you wish you can opt out of the global XF Zone to sign up independently in the usual way.


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Once zoints went "local" to people's installations, I think it was doomed to failure, as there was never a good network in place to support that, with all the different server specs trying to run it. Also, the new owner didn't do himself any favors by keeping or bringing in devs to maintain and extend it. But that's probably a whole thread all by itself.

Overrun by spam.


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Thanks. Do you think if David did not sell, it would have been more successful ?
I don't know... it could have been, had he kept it up to date and moving with the times. As it stands, it's like a cheap broken facebook these days :)