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This is the comprehensive list of the Biggest Forums running Xenforo, it is regularly updated by myself with the help of submissions to this thread.

To have your site added to the list please reply to this thread or start a private conversation with me stating all of the following data about your site:
Site Url:
Number of Posts:
Number of Members:
Software Converted From:
Genre (Film/Fansite/Technology/Gaming/Sport/Music/Vehicles/General/Other):

The only criteria for entry on to the list is that the site has over 500,000 posts and is currently running Xenforo. As the list gets longer the minimum criteria to be featured on the main list will increase and old list levels will stop being updated.

Sites with over 2.5 million posts will also have additional data which has been submitted or that I have managed to collect, hopefully increasing in quantity over time. Some of this data can be seen in a collated graphic form at the end of this post.

Entries in orange are new installations. Converts from vBulletin are in purple. Converts from IPB are in yellow. Converts from SMF are in pink. Converts from MyBB are in green. Bolded black indicates proprietary or other, while uncoloured hyperlinks mean I don't know.

Over 20,000,000 posts
6 sites (ranked in size order, rounded to 1m)

(~ 96m) (gaming) (English)
(~ 29m) (sport) (English)
(~ 29m) (sport) (English)
(~ 24m) (fansite) (English)
(~ 22m) (general) (Vietnamese)
(~ 21m) (film) (English)

Over 10,000,000 posts
10 sites (ranked in size order, rounded to 1m)

(~ 18m) (technology) (Vietnamese)
(~ 18m) (general) (Spanish)
(~ 17m) (other) (English)
(~ 14m) (gaming) (English)
(~ 14m) (sport) (English)
(~ 13m) (Vehicles) (Spanish)
(~ 13m) (other) (English)
(~ 12m) (general) (English)
(~ 12m) (other) (English)
(~ 10m) (sport) (English)

Over 5,000,000 posts
9 sites (ranked in size order, rounded to .1m)

(~ 9.3m) (music) (English)
(~ 9.1m) (music) (English)
(~ 8.8m) (music) (Vietnamese)
(~ 7.8m) (general) (Chinese)
(~ 6.7m) (other) (German)
(~ 6.0m) (gaming) (English)
(~ 6.0m)
(~ 5.8m) (general) (Macedonian)
(~ 5.5m) (other) (Russian)

Over 2,500,000 posts
15 sites (ranked in size order, ranked to .1m)

(~ 4.5m) (vehicles) (English)
(~ 4.3m) (gaming) (English)
(~ 4.1m) (vehicles (English)
(~ 3.9m) (gaming) (English)
(~ 4.0m) (other) (Spanish)
(~ 3.8m) (gaming) (English)
(~ 3.2m) (gaming) (English)
(~ 3.4m) (gaming) (English)
(~ 3.0m) (fansite) (Spanish)
(~ 2.9m) (technology) (English)
(~ 3.0m) (music) (English)
(~ 2.8m) (vehicles) (English)
(~ 2.9m) (sport) (German)
(~ 2.7m) (sport) (English)
(~ 2.5m) (fansite) (Portuguese)

Interesting Statistics
Taken from data compiled from the sites with more than 2.5 million posts on this list.



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Over 1,000,000 posts
45 sites (Updated: 28th October 2013)

Over 500,000 posts
42 sites (Updated: 28th October 2013)


Calamity James

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Now that I've converted one of the boards I run, I can finally post here! :D is currently at 487,000 posts and will hopefully hit the 500k point in the not too distant future! :D

(My other site is past 500k and I'm working on moving to xF within the month! :))


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Going to do a big update when I return from my business trip in a week. If there are any more sites it'd be great to get them posted in this thread before then.
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