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I wondered if there are others who host very small boards like work teams, or a small very personal kind of community.
There's a thread for the Big Forums so here's one for us.

I have several boards and each have only 100 members or a bit less. That's intentional, not because I want it bigger but can't do it!

One of mine is an online tutoring project and we found that getting bigger just makes our students a list of names. Our services are for young people who have been bullied or have health issues so they need to get real personal attention. The tutoring forum itself is not listed anywhere for privacy reasons..
The public site for this project is It's XF but simply usinmg it as an editor so I'm the only member.

Another board I do is a personal community of free thinking people I have collected over the years. We hold events in the UK and focus on strong mutual support as a Clan. Again this would dilute if there were lots and lots of members.

Maybe my sites are really unusual in being so deliberately small. Just thought I'd put out the call and see.
There are interesting issues making "microforum" management different.
My DallastownOnline forum is for a small community and as such is small and over the next year may double in size but that is still small.
Nice to hear from you here Rob - have seen you around. How do you find your small board needs different handling to the way other admins here talk about it?
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