Won't fix Test Permissions: No Way to test "Guest"

I just open an incognito window in Chrome to test guest permissions. No need to log out at all then. Private browsing in Firefox can now do the same with the latest version, keeping one window logged in and the other as the (private browsing) guest view.
I just open a new browser and make sure I'm logged out :)
It's a big deal, but at the same time it's easier to work around than testing permissions for a created group.
I agree.

Specially because the xenforo built in test permission feature doesn't work 100% safe, because it mixes the permissions from the test AND admin user who's running the test.(e.g. is_admin checks)

Only a real "switch account" feature would work 100% secure^^
Yeah! I get annoyed by that. I'm testing a permission and it's giving me links to admin abilities lol! I actually haven't tested permissions for a while now >.> since 1.1.2 I think....
I mean, I too use Incognito / different browser, but for an admin who quickly wants to test it without opening a new window, it seems like an oversight. Without "User" in the title, its slightly misleading if someone doesn't read the description.
Further to my post on that thread, a new user group wouldn't work anyway as there is a separate layer of permissions above user group permissions which affect guests.
I think the new browser window may be the best way around this. People don't seem to understand that test permissions is X's permission set applied to YOU so you get people confused as to what they're expecting to see.
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