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I apologize if this has been posted/suggested already or I have missed this in xF feature set ...

I have been struggling these days with the updates to few of my themes due to the various places I have made changes to the default theme. I would like to suggest to have a search feature in debug mode which will allow me to search on specific keywords or phrases in all templates and return those in which the specified keyword/phrase exists.

When working with Google Chrome of Firebug you usually get the element you need and from there you see all the CSS rules which apply. From there I would like to simply paste the phrase/css rule and get the templates in which it is "found".

I guess if the general rule is the have ALL theme updates in the EXTRA.css or similar approach this feature will not be as important although I do think this approach as well as the one I used (changes in various templates) have their pluses and minuses.

Hope this makes sense.



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It does make sense and vBulletin and MyBB I used has this feature letting you search for keywords inside templates. I was a little surprised when using templates to find you can only search template titles in XenForo, but nothing located inside them. It makes life like you say about 1000 times easier messing around working with template edits.

I'm all with you on this one. For example I added Twitter code in 5 MyBB templates and if I forget which ones. I can simply type in search templates for twitter and all 5 get listed there. It's a much needed feature this one.


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Hmm, so it's been rejected out of hand more or less I read by Mike. We can't expect to see searching for keywords inside any templates added. Got to say, I'm surprised at that decision seeing as most other free forum software like MyBB has it there to use.