Add-on Team Speak 3 [Paid]


Can someone please create a Team Speak 3 Add-on that will allow forum user to be able to see who is online and what channel they are in? Xenforo appears to be the only forum software that doesn't have this add-on.

I am willing to pay to have this add-on developed!


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Why not use something like
And put the html code into a html widget ?

Yup definitely a good workaround. We use something similar for our site (i.e. some TSViewer code that I embed in html).
Not as neat as having a proper addon/block which would then allow it to be properly customised on the (XenPorta) layout, not to mention having to re-add the code each time we do a major XenForo upgrade which (when reverting the templates) blats the custom code :(


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I'm going to get this sorted for you. I need something small and simple to help show someone how to create add-ons in my environment and this looks good for that. To anyone worried I am not focusing on the gallery, this is to train someone to help work on the gallery. Once I get him up to speed everything should start to be much more consistent as I will be paying him a weekly wage.


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I wouldn't mind keeping my finger on the pulse with this one ... I assume you'll keep this thread updated with any results?