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Team Lëgend

Discussion in 'Forum Showcase and Critiques' started by Enguerran A, Jul 5, 2016.

  1. Enguerran A

    Enguerran A Well-Known Member


    Hello guys !

    It's been 3 years and a half that I use XenForo now (just started my 4th year of support :D #proud) and I've never shown anything related to my website. I've tried a lot's of addons during these years and a lot's of differents themes/skins/designs etc... but I was never happy about my board. I have to say that I was doing nothing, no studies, no job, nothing except videos games and html/css... so... I was trying new stuff all the time.

    Now that I live in the US, I have way less time to spare so for the first time, I was really trying to make it so that I don't want to change my board again and after a year and a half I can now say that ... I'm done !!!

    My board is based around Xenith by the great @Mike Creuzer and his awesome team @ThemeHouse ! Heavily customised but still, based around it :D And I have to say that since I've purchased UI.X, when it got released, I've never switch to anything else :D

    About the Addons I use, there is actually not a lot. Everything portal related is based on XenPorta 2.0 by @Jaxel. I also use, Extended Covers by @XFA and some other admin addons and things that are not enabled yet.

    tablette.jpg iphone6.jpg home.jpg portal.jpg articles.jpg

    Now that everything is done :D I'll take some time to clean my EXTRA.CSS because right now it's a huge mess, and then, try to override some of the original files (from Xenith). If any of you have ideas about how I can improve it, go for it :D
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  2. Samet Chan

    Samet Chan Member

    Wow, that forum looks like Wordpress :eek:
    I'll back to give your thread like us :X3:
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  3. tajhay

    tajhay Well-Known Member

    Looks nice and clean. However your social media icons point to nothing. If you dont have any social media accounts, think about removing the icons, and placing your footer nav items in its place. Also looks like the subscribe input box does nothing?

    Your xenporta news items dont get many comments, and noticed that you have implemented disqus instead. Might want to look at enabling it as a normal thread to get more commentary from your community.

    Personal opinion: offcanvas nav on the left and the sidebar on the right is annoying as hell as the screen real estate where the most important information is gets compressed.

    Well done!
  4. Enguerran A

    Enguerran A Well-Known Member

    I completely forgot that part, Thanks for pointing that out :p

    And that's exactly why I've switched to disqus actually. Before, my board was very trendy with a lot's of views, commentsn forum messages etc... and since I'm in the US, with less time to manage everything, people started not to come as often as before, and now, it's completely dead :/ Before the switch to disqus, no one was answering. It's been almost a year now, so I wanna try something new and because I'm using Xenporta as a CMS, Disqus helps creating a difference between forums and articles, and that's what I wanted first.

    I'm not saying that it's the best solution but still, I wanna give it a shot

    Well, I have a big screen so it's not a real problem to me. I'll see what I can do with some responsive tweaks !
  5. Enguerran A

    Enguerran A Well-Known Member

    Actually, I think I'll try something in that direction. I kinda like when I don't have any sidebar :p

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