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So after a hiatus of almost six-years I am back with my first project and man is it something I have poured many hours into just to get it to this point. We are not 'open' yet but not far away and primarily wanted to post it here in the efforts to get some of your input before opening it up to the wide public, it has been as I said six years so please be gentle with me this was my first time using xF2.x lol

Y.A.P Research Team

The Y.A.P Research Team are a Queensland (Australia) based research team dedicated to scientifically documenting and investigating the Yowie, Alien and Paranormal phenomenon constantly reported by every day respected Australians.

In the hunt for the truth sometimes the evidence, what you are presented with, do not add up to your self beliefs, sometimes the evidence just leaves more questions to be answered.

xF Set Up
This website is currently running xF 2.1, xF Extended Search, xF Resource Manager (renamed to suit our case files) and the bulk of the design are part of the UIX.2 theme from @ThemeHouse with color modifications and a hell of a lot dirterly-hacked EXTRA.css additions.

The website is split into our main categories:
Ground Crew - for the investigation of everything here on planet earth. Primarily revolving around the hunt for the Yowie (Australia's equivillent of the Big Foot/Sasquatch), the Tasmanian Tiger, the mysterious Black Panther and other possible cryptids that are currently undiscovered.

Away Team - for the investigation, research and evidence collection of the strange and unusual phenomenon happening above our heads throughout the Australian night sky.

Spirit Squad - a place for our visitors to post experiences and evidence of the spiritual world. Where we come together in an effort to answer one of the big questions all humans have, is there life after death?

Conspiracy Alley - a place to discuss the potential conspiracies happening on our land 'girt' by sea :)

Current Issues
Before we can 'officially open' there are a couple of issues I am attempting to find solutions for before I feel comfortable to launch and start promoting it. These include:
- Advertisement block on navigation
We are looking at a way of having an image much like our YouTube Channel sidebar advertisement on the navigation bar (left side of the site);

- CSS Edits for User Groups
We are attempting to get ONE badge to display in the usergroup. We are looking for an option where people can user upgrade to Ground Crew, Away Team, Spirit Squad, Conspiracy Alley (or Truther - which unlocks all) they will then be given a badge (currently have this working) but we are looking to try and get:
The badge to display on postbit (to the left of messages), any HTML/CSS markup to appear everywhere rich user text is available so that they can be color coded on the forum stats, front home etc.

- User Profile Options/Custom Fields
Okay so we have a custom field established. It asks questions that you can either tick if you agree etc - the whole aim is to give people an idea of when they are posting in the above split sections to be able to see whether they are posting and having a logical discussion with someone that believes in what they are talking about or whether they are talking to a skeptic.

What we'd like to achieve is when our users click (multiple choice) that they believe in certain things in their profile it displays a little badge/icon - a little like @DragonByte Tech did with their original store where you could 'purchase' postbit icons. Basically just little 16x16 icons or whatever in their postbit and on their profile with a tooltip that carries the longer description of what the icon represents.

Smaller Issues not preventing site from launching
Finally in addition to the bigger issues as above there are a couple of smaller issues that are not 'game breaking' or preventing the site from opening - these are just things that while you read this if you know how to fix it - it would be greatly appreciated :)

  • Remove Member Card pop up completely: we'd much prefer people to click on a username and be taken to their profile. Cut out the middle man is our attempt.
  • Permission Suggestion: If all of the above sections, Ground Crew, Away Team, Spirit Squad, Conspiracy Alley or Truther were user upgrades - and therefore some of the special boards are blocked out etc unless you are part of that membership what is the best usergroup to edit permissions for the regular general forums of the board?

I thank you all for checking out my first forum in almost a decade. I am still getting use to the whole new systems etc. Please feel free to leave your honest and brutal opinions. If you can help with any of our issues please also let me know.