TapaTalk and Spam Registration


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I've been noticing an increase in spammers from Vietnam.

I have the full TAC suite installed, and I've not been able to locate their details in any of the logs in there, so have to presume they are registering via TapaTalk, as that is the only other method (have the Facebook Captcha add-on installed) that would allow them to bypass the usual protection method.

I've just tested on my own forum, and with TapaTalk, you just select a username / email / password, and you are registered. You still need to activate your account, but it's bypassing all the spam protection.

Just something to be aware of. I've disabled the option to allow people to register in app, but it's still allowing them through, so I'm reporting a bug.

Mike Edge

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Yeah, it keeps my long standing members coming back to the forum, as they are stubborn so and so's who refuse to not use tapatalk. :(

Ahh gotcha, thanks Matt. I never used TT, so wondered if it still had advantages beyond stubbornness of change.


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Is there any real advantage to still using TT now that xF is responsive out of the box?
Push notifications are nice too. If I'd knew more about Android Programming I would do something to receive push notifications and then redirect the user to the site instead of an app.

Anthony Parsons

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Yeah, it keeps my long standing members coming back to the forum, as they are stubborn so and so's who refuse to not use tapatalk. :(
I have this issue on one of my smaller forums... I just deleted it on my others and they had to suck it up. One though... it is a small community and the majority use it and love it... don't know why. Saying that, I haven't had to worry about Tapatalk registration spam as yet, but thanks for the heads up... if it happens I know what to shutdown ASAP.


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Upgraded Tapatalk today to the newest version... sees that the compatibility error STILL exists...

Uninstalled... done with Tapatalk.
I'm done with it also--I gave users no choice. I mentioned the poor support by Tapatalk (and Forum Runner, which also has broken functionality since IB bought it out), and possible server security or member privacy issues, as my reasoning. I had it in use on several forums, but on the big board (where we still have rashes of complaints), they are addicted enough that they'll visit via mobile once they get over the issue.

I hope nobody here monetized through them. They did something with VigLink where the income was being paid from Tapatalk rather than through VigLink (due to alleged "other income sources" that never materialized). First time it happened, I waited weeks. Finally my contact at VL had to intervene and put us in touch. Turns out they added a field to our accounts for PayPal email addresses and never told us about it!! Poor communication...as always. And they held onto my payment for all those weeks with zero effort on their part to get in touch and rectify it.

In short: I personally do not trust them.

Seems to me they add features and gloss over bugs that are found. Been that way since I signed up. I am still tempted to post low feedback here for the resource. Other than push notifications, there is zero benefit to that app. Zero.