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Which anti spam registration method do you use?


Active member
Now with 1.4 having so many anti-spam registrations methods, I was wondering what everyone is using?

I used to use keycaptcha but it seemed like overkill. I've recently opened a new forum just using the recaptcha with no spambot issues but dunno if I'm just lucky so far.

Anthony Parsons

Well-known member
keycaptcha... will never use anything else now. Pay for the upgrade so the tiles are puzzle pieces, makes it simple for your users on desktop and mobile devices... especially mobile devices, touch and slide to put the puzzle pieces in the right place. Very intuitive system they have, and nothing has busted it to date.
I personally like recaptcha. It has never failed me. I know that it can not be that effective toward spam but I personally like it. However I am looking at the new keycaptcha, it looks pretty awesome and seems to keep away the spam.