Lack of interest Support for tabs on search result pages

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There currently is no standarized method to display search results of content types of addons.
XF 1.2 adds tabs for new content pages, but does not add this for search results. Such tabs would make it much easier for users to find search results in non-thread/post content and will also create uniformity in addons.

Mike said:
Support for tabs on new content pages
For add-on developers, there is now a new system to add tabs to the top of new content pages (such as "new threads"). This will make it easier for users to find updates to non-thread/post content.
Please add this for search results as well.
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Chris D

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As per your suggestion on the gallery, I don't see why this is necessary.

Search results displays all of the different content types already, including those from add-ons. The search page itself has tabs so you can search specifically for certain content types. Finally the developers of add-ons can add constraints to the search input box to filter out the searches that are only applicable to those pages.


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This suggestion relates to a lot of addons.
If you get a large amount of results, then it makes sense to divide results per content type. Because that provides a much better overview.

It becomes pretty messy once you have hundreds of results that include threads, resource manager entries, pages, wiki, images, video, documents, blogs, news articles, groups, reviews, etc. Especially when the preview snippet has different sizes and forms.

Its the same reasoning as showing new threads separate from other content types.
Google doesn't display all content types in a search result. Neither do other search engines AFAIK. Its much more handy to be able to click on 'images' or 'video' to see the results for that content type.

Its great that a search page can have tabs, but if there are no tabs on the search result page then that does mean that the user will need to return to the search page and run the search again, instead of simply clicking the tab.


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The user only needs to search once, using the content specific tab in the first place.


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For one search yes. But not if the user wants to search posts and then another content type for the same phrase.
And also not if they never go to the advanced search. Most users rarely use it as they search straight from the search bar.

Many websites get far more forum posts than other entries. Therefore on a busy forum its easy to have other content types snowed under by threads.

For example: I get 5 wiki entries per month and thousands of posts. If a user searches for a phrase that is also in a wiki, then chances are that the wiki will not be on the first search pages or might not even be in the search results.
So if the user decides that they want to find wikis for the same search. Then the user needs to abort the current search, go to the advanced search page and type in the same as before instead of simply hitting a tab.