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This has been asked before but did not get much feedback. I recently moved from Threadloom to XFES and I kind of miss the search bar!

XenForo should have a much more useful search result page. It needs the search bar at the top showing the current query. It should also show the supported filters based on search tech powering the forum. At the very least filters for title only, users and hopefully even forum if supported.

The problem with current search is that once you have conducted a search, you cannot modify or improve it to find the content you have been looking for. You have to go to the search button to start your search from scratch. If you need advance filters you have to open that page and start from scratch. Sure, you might be able to go back and browser might retain some of the search parameters but that’s just not good user experience. You have to click on the keyword which takes you to advance search page to restart your search.

Threadloom search filters are super powerful. I am not sure if XFES offers similar capabilities. But for starters even a search bar would be super handy. Screenshot from previous suggestion thread attached below.

I am personally using browser search keywords to do my searches on my board just because using the native search feature on the forum is just too time-consuming. This works well on desktop browsers but not so much on mobile browsers.

And I just realize that you can click on the search keyword to get back to the advance search page with that query pre-filled. So some parts of this post are already irrelevant.

If developers do add auto-fill in search box feature in future as it has been requested already, it would make so much more sense to have a larger search box that has more space to show predictive search suggestions! Search result page would become so much more useful compared to what we have today. Cheers.


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Duplicate of sorts:
Perhaps the most annoying part of XF to be honest. Searching and trying to refine a search. Back button??
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