XF 2.2 Howto mass move threads based on search result?

Black Tiger

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I need this for moving posts after merging two forums. Somebody somewhere told me this was possible with Xenforo.
However, I can't find a way to do it.
I expected selection boxes to be able to move several threads from a search result to a specific forum.

Is this in any way possible with Xenforo?
Aaaaah... there it was hidden. Thank you!

However... I just used this on a forum and click threads, and not every post got a selection box.
It skips every second post, like this. The two top are same threads, the others are different threads.
Hmmz.. oke, not quite happy with that, it's a bit confusing that it's only using the first post. But on the otherhand I understand, since a thread starts with the first post.

However, it can easily be fixed by also selecting the "posts" part in the moderation box too.
Thank you.
Go to "Batch update threads" in the acp and use the Title field. I had the same use case as yourself but after a migration. I got rid of a lot of forums and condensed. I then used the Title field to search for threads that may fit in another category and moved them.
If you have a lost of posts, using Threads is faster.
No it isn't, because as you can see in my screenshot then some posts which contain my keyword will not get the selection box needed. If I select both threads and posts I get the result I want. Unless you mean something else?

@beerForo I wasn't searching for titles, but as I mentioned for keywords, which is the reason I can't use only threads nore the batch update function in the admincp. But as said, I got it solved by selecting both threads and posts in the search result.
However, I can use the admincp function in the cases I have to move threads with a certain title content which surely will also be the case.
You did, but that doesn't help for a keyword search in post content - which is what the thread author was requesting.
I tried to explain it in my post, but I had a similar use case. And after a migration this method worked for me. The post body search will bring up too many false flags. The title search is often the subject of the content so it worked for me, and may for him.
That depends. In my many years of administrating forums I've encountered several moves and conversions.
But it really depends on what you want to move exactly. In most cases you are indeed correct and for moving threads, title search is the best.

In my specific case I need some threads and post where some things are mentioned in posts mostly but also in some titels, so for those things I really need that keyword search. And since the text is displayed on the search result, I can easily filter out the few false flags, if any. Again, this is for my specific case, not a default situation.

However thank you for thinking with me, I do appreciate that.
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