Who uses Index threads based on criteria for SEO

Do you index threads based on criteria

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Mr Lucky

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I'm interested in how many people use this advanced node feature for SEO (or other reasons) and is it possible to evaluate how well it works.

For example to exclude old threads where there are no replies to, or no reactions on, the first post. Although it is not foolproof without inspecting, is it reasonable to assume it isn't a great post and hence best left out of Google?

This assumes that your site is subject to Google's Crawl Budget and that you want your best pages to be crawled. It's also possible that no replies means thin content - also not great for SEO.

If it is a question forum, and there are no replies it may be safe to assume that the question was not answered. And so anyone landing on that page from a search hoping for answer will not get one and so click back to the search. The result being Google clocks that as a useless page and immediate bounce. :(
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