XF 1.5 Super Admin account not receiving email after import


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Hey guys,

I recently completed a vB 4 => XF import. The main Super Admin account is not receiving any email (subscription email, email sent from the AdminCP, etc...) after the import. The email system is working though. New users receive their verification email, previously registered users are receiving email too... It's just the Super Admin account that seems to not receive any email.

Has anyone else experienced such an issue? If yes - What did you do to resolve it?
I'll appreciate any assistance and suggestions. Thanks!

There are obviously settings that affect what emails a user receives and whether they automatically watch threads they reply to etc. So make sure these are all set up correctly.

Also check the email address is correct and verify the emails aren't going into spam.

If there's nothing obvious wrong and no errors in the Server Error Log and you control the SMTP server being used then you may need to try and track the email through that from the server to ascertain where it is falling over.
Have you logged in as the super admin? There aren't any notices being displayed for them (awaiting email confirmation, etc)?

What if you change the super admin's email?
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