XF 2.2 Some new registrants not receiving email confirmation requests


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Just migrated from VB and not that familiar yet with ACP.

Some of our new registrants show up in ACP>edit user as "awaiting email confirmation", but they claim they have never received the email confirmation request even after searching their spam folders and trash. Two questions, the first XF and the second more of general problem solving.

1. Is there a way in ACP I can tell whether an email confirmation request email was actually sent to a specific user/registrant?

2. If the problem isn't with XF sending out confirmation emails, how have admins managed this email-not-received problem?
If there are no errors in the XF ACP related to emails, then XF has handed them off (successfully) to the server.

At that point it would require checking the server mail log for errors, or transactions.

If there are no errors there then the emails are likely being spam trapped.

Do the members have a specific domain in common?
Some providers are notorious for blacklisting server IP addresses, especially Microsoft owned ones.
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